3 Reasons to Use 3D Scanning Technology

3D laser scanning services

When you are looking to invest in highly accurate and technologically advanced testing, 3D laser scanning services should be the first thing on your mind. They are constantly changing to better equip the user with the tools needed to be as accurate as possible. Read on for why you should invest.

Highly Accurate
With 3D laser scanning services, part size is no longer an issue, because parts as small as .5mm in length can be seen, all the way up to parts 660mm in diameter. Our products ensure that imaging is highly accurate every single time. This not only gives you peace of mind in your practice, it also can give your consumers confidence knowing that you take their safety seriously.

Non Destructive
Our 3D inspection scanners take images as fast as 30 frames per second, and it does not destroy the subject in any way. Because it is done from the outside, you can see where errors may be and determine any issues without damaging whatever subject you are looking at. This technology is far ahead of anything we have had before.

Easy Export
Our products let you export whatever data you collect to a cloud based system, allowing you to access data from anywhere. This also allows you to analyze the data you find from your 3D inspection software. CT technology has been rapidly improving in recent years — a single scan used to take hours to generate, but now, 3D imaging can be done in just seconds. It is even possible within a few seconds to construct 3D models, opening the door for numerous other processes and discoveries.

Are you thinking of investing in 3D laser scanning services? What will you be looking for in such a service? Feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives today!