A Beginner’s Guide to Cell Phone Cables and Cell Phone Cable Accessories

Every year, more and more models and varieties of cell phones become available, and depending on what model and brand you buy, you could be dealing with any number of different cell phone cable accessories. If you’re not an expert, figuring out the right configuration for these cables and your phone can be quite the hassle. Even worse, if you find yourself having to replace something, you might have no idea what you’re looking for!

We’re here to help. With this quick and easy guide to several different possible cell phone cables and cell phone cable accessories, you’ll be able to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Keep in mind this guide is for those with little-to-no technological experience, so if you’re already aware of these terms, you’re doing great!

USB Cables

Perhaps the most common form of cell phone cables, most cell phone chargers are types of USB cables. One end will be the USB male end, known as USB-A, and the other depends on your cell phone. A USB cable can be a broad term with many different kinds available, so we’ll have to narrow things down from here.

Lightning Cables

If you own an Apple product of a newer generation, you’ll be dealing with a lightning cable. Lightning cables are pretty unique to Apple products, and generally won’t work with other brand items.

Micro USB

If you use an Android phone that’s older than two years, you likely have one of these. One side should be a normal USB, with the other side a much smaller version that will plug into your phone. Since the larger end is known as USB-A, these little guys are known as USB-B. These also often are used with tablets, wireless headphones and video game controllers, but are being phased out in newer Android phones.


For those with a newer Android phone, you likely have this somewhat-larger version of the old Micro USB. Known as USB-C, this newer port allows data to transfer as well as just charging, opening many possibilities up for the future.


Many additional accessories are available for your cell phone, including cases to protect them and some cases that even feature additional battery life if you find your phone dying too often. Extra long charging cables, car mounts and more should be available to you online or in your local cell phone or technology store.

Do you have any other tips or insight into cell phones or cell phone cable accessories? Share them with us in the comments section, and have an excellent day!