An Introduction to IT Infrastructure

In this video, you will learn about infrastructure. There are a few main topics to cover when discussing IT infrastrucre. A data center is a physical space where servers are located.

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It is usually a special place that is dedicated to this purpose. This space also will have really powerful cooling devices, since the server rooms can get very hot. After all, the applications will be running through the data centers. Rack mounting devices are how data centers are organized. Large technology companies will have data centers that span multiple soccer fields. Some of these tremendous data centers can have water-cooled centers. The system administrator is going to be in charge of all of this. They should know all of the ins and outs of the data center. There will be a network diagram that will outline the different devices in each room or area. The diagram may not be too useful since they need to monitor the performances of each device. Networks are built off of a series of elements. If a business is using IT, most elements of a server room will be present.