Are You Taking Full Advantage of Enterprise Data Storage Solutions?

Manage security services

In 2011, about 36% of large sized companies were expected to exceed the capacity of their IT programs within just 18 months. If this scenario sounds familiar, then it could be that you need enterprise data storage solutions. Companies pursue data management solutions so that they can fully protect their data and their network from security threats, and give greater focus to their primary services, activities, and responsibilities. A managed security services provider handles the data storage and security so that you do not have to.

Did you know that small and medium sized businesses could potentially lose $150,00 per hour in downtime costs when data is compromised, and networks go down? Network data storage and enterprise storage solutions help when companies take advantage of the constant monitoring, management of security such as firewalls and intrusion detection, patch upgrades and management, security audits, and of course quick response to emergencies that these firms provide.

If you choose a quality data management service, you can be assured that your network data storage is not being conducted under some undefinable standard, dependent on the the whims of the company. Enterprise data backup is actually subject to standards. The Project Management Institute, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, have both worked to develop risk management standards.

If your enterprise is growing too fast for your IT department to keep up with data storage and network security needs, you may find that like many other companies, you need to outsource managed security services. The primary factors for determining whether you truly need to outsource the services is a lack of time, and expertise. Also, a strong suggestion from your IT department might also be a good indication.

Lack of expertise and lack of time are crucial factors in the decision to outsource managed security services. Your IT department will thank you for entrusting your data and network services to professionals willing to give the full attention your assets deserve. Remember to choose a service that complies with standards, offers all of the features your data requires, and meets your needs as a growing enterprise.