Building a Home or Office Network? Purchase Bulk Cat6 Cables

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Whether it is your home or your office environment, it is very difficult to function and live what can be called a normal life nowadays without the right connectivity and communication. With the proliferation of the internet, there is a palpable urge in the global population to stay connected all the time, and both at home, where it is much more of a matter of choice, and in a corporate environment, where it can be mission critical to have the right connectivity, the need to stay connected and networked is often something that most people take extremely seriously. If you are looking to set up a highly functional, high performance, reliable and durable network for either your home or your office, one of the things that you might benefit from doing is to purchase bulk Cat6 cable for your wired connection needs.

When it comes to setting up networks that can perform at par with expectations, there are quite a few things that need to be kept in mind. For starters, you should have a network which is fast enough to handle high speed internet access and file transfers, while also having the bandwidth necessary to accomplish audio and video streaming, if you have such needs. Your network also needs to be fairly reliable and provide you with consistent performance without having to depend on other variables. Your network needs to be durable, which means that you should use parts that do not degrade rapidly over time, and can keep giving you great performance for years to come. You need a network that is cost-effective and not very expensive to set up and maintain, and also one that is relatively simple to deploy and add to in future. All these criteria point to mostly one kind of solution — wired networks using network ethernet cables.

Network cables have, for ages, had an apparently more convenient and hassle-free replacement in the form of wireless networks. Although wireless technology has become better over time with higher speeds and dependability forming the hallmarks of current standards, speed and reliability over a wired connection is still hard to beat. Ethernet cables have also come a long way from the Cat5 cable days. First came Cat5e, which was an enhanced version of the popular Cat5 standard. Cat5e ethernet cables improve majorly on Cat5 cables with better speed and bandwidth and less cross-talk, and eventually paved the way for Cat6 cables, currently one of the most cost-effective solutions if you want a blazing fast, dependable wired network at home or office. Buying bulk Cat6 cables can give you all the wiring you need to get started.

When it comes to speed in home or office networks which are wired, it is hard to beat Cat6 cables. They offer the best in terms of connection speeds, and are built in such a manner so as not to slow down over time. These cables are made for use with gigabit speed hardware like routers, hubs and switches, and offer unmatched speed in the domain of wired networks. Using them is also a simple matter — all you need to do is purchase bulk Cat6 cable for your requirements, measure out the distances that you need to cover in different parts of the network, cut the cable to size according to the measurements, slip on RJ-45 jacks at both ends of every piece taking good care to preserve the correct order of the internal wires, and crimp them securely. By making these cables yourself with bulk Cat6 cables and individual connectors, you can also save on costs by quite a bit, as pre-made cables can be much more expensive.

Another point of contention is durability. Well constructed Cat5 cables were well known for their strength, and would last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. Cat6 cables offer quite a lot more in terms of durability, which means that you do not have to worry about them losing their functionality. With these cables, the right hardware and a bit of effort, you are likely to end up with a home or office network which is fast, reliable and offers excellent bandwidth and durability.