Ecommerce Web Design And Success Strategies

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These days, when customers want to shop, they do it online. Ecommerce is the mall of today, and it generates over $2.4 million every 60 seconds. Globally, almost half of all internet users have purchased items online via various online devices; it?s worth noting, however, that four out of five consumers who shop online use smartphones to shop. And this is a good thing for businesses; it?s inexpensive and fairly easy to set up an e-commerce shop. However, just because you can set up a website doesn?t mean you?ll succeed in the e-commerce world. There are some basic tips and strategies for ecommerce web design and digital marketing.
The first thing to consider is how your website will look, from the layout to the graphic design. A modern, clean look is best, as proven by market research. If your site is too busy, it will seem confusing, and customers will move on; if it?s too simple, the public will think you don?t care. Consider professional web design, and put some time and effort into the overall look. The next most important thing to consider is the speed and convenience with which the website operates. Studies have shown that 40% of consumers will leave a web page within three seconds if it fails to fully load; over half are less likely to become customers of a company with a bad mobile site. A company?s ecommerce web design has to look good and work smoothly, right away, every time.
A common misconception is that ?if you build it, they will come,? but that?s not true for ecommerce. There are thousands of sites that sell what you sell, and search engine results are linear. Keep in mind that most people, when they want to buy something online, type the desired product into a search engine, such as Yahoo! or Google, and up to 88% of business purchase decisions are influenced by the list of search results. Therefore, search engine optimization, or SEO, is necessary in order to make your ecommerce web design more visible to the public. Digital marketing agencies are well-versed in SEO strategies for ecommerce sites, and can assist your business in making SEO work for you.
Today?s digital marketing strategies include connecting to the world of social media. Consumers often research potential purchases through reviews and the recommendations of fellow social media users. It?s not uncommon to see a post in which someone asks for input from the general public regarding their experiences with a particular product or service. A solid ecommerce web design company can combine a clever social media strategy with strong marketing initiatives and SEO strategies. In addition, the blending of social media and ecommerce can create a more personalized experience for your customers, from suggestions for future purchases to quick customer service chats. A strong ecommerce web design plus excellent customer service and quick response can increase your sales and your repeat customers.
We all lead busy lives, and want the convenience of shopping from our mobile devices and having our goods delivered to our doorsteps. Some people do their shopping in the middle of the night; others do it on their lunch break. Either way, consumers make their choices quickly. In fact, approximately 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour. An online store accessible through mobile devices is almost mandatory for surviving in the retail world, and a strong, interactive web presence is required of all thriving organizations. Excellent ecommerce web design, seo strategies, social media presence, and digital marketing are key to your business success.