Everything You Need for a Home Surveillance System

Usb 3.0 data cable

Sure, you can hire a company to come in and install a wired home security video surveillance system for you. Or you can do it yourself for a fraction of the price. Cable wiring and installation can be a fun project for the eager DIYer. All you need are some basic supplies to get you wired up for a clear, reliable picture that you can use to protect your home.

Here’s a list of essential components to get you started:

  • Cameras. Obviously, these will be a crucial part of your home surveillance set-up. You can choose between dome-style cameras, small bullet cameras, or box security cameras — you just need to decide how many you’ll need and where they’ll be placed. Don’t forget to check for outdoor use and nightvision capabilities where necessary.
  • DVR. Get something with ample storage — 1TB, perhaps — and, unless it’s wireless, highspeed HDMI cables or a network ethernet cable for hookup to your internet system.
  • Siamese cables. These run video and power together. You can buy siamese cables in bulk so that you can measure according to your needs, but you’ll have to splice your own ends.
  • Connectors. You’ll need standard RCA connectors, just like you’d use with a television system. These are simple to find at any hardware store.

The important thing when selecting all of your materials and cables is that they’re compatible with one another. Alternatively, instead of buying each part individually, you can find prepackaged kits of everything you need for a simple home setup. Installing it yourself will still save you money over paying a company to do it.

However, a totally customized surveillance system has its perks, too. Only you will know exactly how everything’s set up, which can enhance your security. While there are many wireless systems available, don’t be fooled: wireless systems that connect to cell phone accessories may be convenient, but they’re also easily hacked.

Give your home the benefit of security and peace of mind with a self-installed home surveillance system. Your property will thank you! Good references.