Experience Business Growth With the Best Digital Marketing Strategies

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Since you’re in business, you want to have the best digital marketing strategy possible. In order to create, maintain, and expand awareness of your company and brand, there are a variety of strategies that a professional marketing firm will utilize to assist you with accomplishing these and other goals.

The Effectiveness of Social Media to Create Business Growth

Recent data shows that approximately 93% of marketers realize the effectiveness of social media. Due to this, they will regularly engage social media for a variety of small business campaigns. Facebook in particular has a significant influence on American purchase decisions. Estimates show that 47% of people in the United States are more influenced by this social media platform than any other social media network. It may not be surprising to learn that approximately 23% of Facebook users check their page about five times a day. Some individuals may check their page even more frequently.

The Effectiveness of Blogging to Increase Site Traffic

In addition to using social media, about 95% of small businesses have discovered the benefits of blogging. Furthermore, they have realized that blogging is a very valuable business tool. Content marketers claim that blogging has the ability to increase brand awareness considerably. A recent survey showed that approximately 70% of these professionals stated that this has proven to be the case for them. It’s been shown that effective content marketing has the capacity to lead to an estimated 2,000% increase in blog traffic.

When companies have a blog, they have quite a few more indexed pages than those that don’t. This averages out to be 434% more, which is a staggering amount. This is particularly the case when these blogs contain effective key words and keyword phrases, which assists with search engine optimization. Given that there are more than 100 billion worldwide inquiries conducted on search engines every month, companies can increase their exposure when they’re on the first page within the top ten entries.

Learn More About What a Marketing Firm Can Do for Your Business

Has your company been spending a large portion of its advertising and marketing budget on paid or sponsored ads? You may be interested to know that around 70% to 80% of Internet users will completely ignore these ads. This is because they are much more interested in reading blogs and engaging with social media and other interactive features.

Furthermore, since search engine usage and email have been found to be the top two most popular worldwide Internet activities, these, rather than ads, can make a greater impact on your business growth. Given all of the above, it’s not surprising that social media and blogging are two of the most effective marketing strategies for businesses.

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