Four Things Digital Marketing Agencies Need to Stop Doing Immediately

When you have a website that you need to market, you might engage in digital consulting with a marketing company that can help you. With the best digital marketing tactics, you can market your website to a larger group of people. Getting affordable digital marketing services can be a challenge, but businesses of every size can find a solution that works for their budget.

Consulting with a marketing company for agency marketing services will help you to get started with a range of different digital marketing tactics. With the right advertising platforms examples, the company can help you to get advertising going that will draw people to your website. Using pay-per-click ads is a great way to drive traffic and make people more aware of your website.

Other types of digital marketing that might be used are link building and search engine optimization. SEO is a way to drive “organic” traffic to the site, that is, traffic that is straight from search engines. Link building is a way of getting more links to your site so that search engines see your site as being of higher quality. This can be done in a variety of ways such as guest posting.

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Digital marketing is of increasing importance. Consumers continue to use the internet more and more to shape their everyday decisions and purchases. Marketers, in fact, plan to spend over $8 billion on social media advertising this year. That?s a lot of ad money — so how can marketers ensure it?s being used in the right way? This week, Forbes outlined some common issues that even experienced digital marketers can sometimes into into problems with. Here?s a few things not to do.

Blank Out on Mobile

?Mobilegeddon? has come and gone — in other words, it?s no longer a question of when phone use will take over desktop computer use. It?s happened. What matters is how companies react to this shift — and how quickly they react. If your digital marketing doesn?t keep smartphone and tablet use in mind for optimization, you?re going to be messing up with a huge percentage of your potential audience.

Not Bothering With SEO

In the past, many digital marketing firms have been reasonably suspicious of SEO; there are more than a few shady companies out there and the results can wary widely. One company may raise rankings for a few keywords, only to have those same keywords fall back several pages the next week. Sticking to PPC and email only doesn?t make sense, though, when 93% of online experiences start with a search engine — and consumers trust organic results more than anything else. SEO is now a more established industry, and digital marketing firms can use metrics to ensure that there is value gained for the dollar spent.

Be on Every Single Social Media Platform

One of the reasons so many companies are still making social media gaffes in 2016 (will someone please stop handing over this job to inexperienced interns?) is because they have simply spread themselves too thin. When you?re cross posting to 15 different social media websites — all with different audiences and expectations — something?s going to get lost in communication sooner or later. Part of building a brand is identifying which sites target your sort of audience, and understanding how to best use these particular sites. It?s better to have one great social media platform than 10 sub-par profiles.

Neglecting Content Marketing

Clients are often picky. What should be a simple task — write a blog about interesting topics, incorporate relevant keywords, post — can become a long-term project thanks to the ongoing process of getting client approval. Many digital marketing companies decide to circumvent this altogether by just not offering content marketing. Considering content marketing can have such a big impact on both SEO and social media success, though, it really can?t be ignored in this day and age.

There are a number of ways digital marketing firms can approve their approach, but these are four things they should definitely avoid doing in order to provide the best possible internet marketing experience to their clients.