HIPAA Compliant Messaging Can Help You Produce The Best Results

Mobile healthcare

Medical text messaging needs to be in compliance with HIPPAA and there are funds through the HITECH act which was signed by President Barack Obama in February 2009 that provide $27 billion in financial incentives for digital health record use that your organization can utilize to make sure that all records remain safe. Finding a solution for Hipaa compliant messaging is important because you want to make sure that staff members have the freedom of texting, but it must be secure texting. There are specialized apps for mobile devices that allow for HIPAA compliant messaging which work by encrypting the data on the users phone, then decrypting it once the receiver gets the message. With text messaging that is secure, employees can contact one another in regards to a patient without worry that the information will end up in the wrong hands.

There are other HIPAA related needs that must be taken into consideration when choosing mobile medical apps, such as backup, archiving, emergency access and security. With Hipaa compliant messaging, staff members will be able to communicate properly with each other without any issues. There are medical mobile apps that are available for your company to purchase, allowing proper text messaging between different devices, while keeping the messages as secure as possible. Finding the best secure text messaging service is important to the protection of patient data. When you are looking for help with text messaging in healthcare, you will find a great solution.