Hotel Stays Require the Coordination of a Number of Computerized Reservation Details

The two people working the hotel front desk were more than helpful. In fact, by the time they understood that the small group of college gymnasts were in town for a funeral of former teammate they were compassionate beyond all expectations. The 25 year old who was killed by a drunk driver while she aid a stranded motorist, and these girls were coming into town from all parts of the country, some from across the world where they had just completed a study abroad class. The hotel guest wondered where she could call to have some food delivered so that the girls who were arriving at noon would have a chance to eat before the 2:00 pm funeral. The guest had done some checking on her own and could not locate any places in the small town that would deliver food.

With just a series of four or five questions, the two hotel front desk staff found out what kind of food the girls would like, how many would be eating, and assured the guest that they would take care of the meal. A mere three hours later when the girls arrived to the hotel the staff had set up a small buffet of food that they had ordered from the restaurant down the street. The restaurant did not typically deliver food, but it did cater small events at the hotel. The group was able to share a meal, some tears, and some laughter before heading to the funeral service.

Amazingly, after the funeral was over the girls returned to the hotel to find out that the front desk staff had packaged up the leftovers and saved them for the girls in case they wanted to just remain on the property for an evening meal.

Hotel Management Systems Measure and Track Routine Details About Guest Stays

One of the biggest reasons that property management system hotel platforms are needed is so the staff can easily manage the normal details that are involved in a hotel stay. Check in times, check out times, room service requests, loyalty points, payments, and other details are all a part of guest services at a hotel. With an efficient property management system hotel platform, the routine tasks are monitored by the system. This allows the front desk staff to more personally handle the unique situations that some guests bring to their stay. Many of us now take the technology in hotel rooms for granted, but the fact that you can now check out in the room through the television set is just one example of the latest hotel trends.

Guests like to think about the cleanliness of the room, the crispness of the hotel sheets, and the beautiful pool when they visit a hotel. The fact of the matter is, however, behind the scenes there is a complex and detailed property management system hotel platform that is managing the more mundane details.

The latest research indicates that travelers conduct approximately 17 research sessions before booking. These online searches are the first step in a hotel property connecting with its future guests. Without this connection, in fact, smaller hotels simply will not get noticed. Given that 53% of people use their mobile devices to find travel related information is an indication that this hotel information has to be available on all digital platforms.

When the reservations are made and the check in is complete, the latest hotel management software systems allow the front desk staff to deal with the actual guests, not just the digital details. And whether these staff members are helping guests deal with the details of getting meals before a funeral or finding tickets for a local show, these personal touches often matter more than the price of the room and the other complexities that are handled by the property management system hotel platform.