How Can an Advertising Agency Get Into the Minds of Their Customers?

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Advertising has changed a lot in the last 50 years, but the basic idea and goal remains unchanged. If anything, advertising firms have gotten even more creative and resourceful and have learned to incorporate art more and more into their campaigns. The fact that ad agencies are mostly digitally based is perhaps the largest adjustment that the industry has had to make, and it is true that there are many adjustments that are quite unique to the advertising world.

At it’s essence though, it is irrefutable that getting into a clients head is the key to good advertising. Surprisingly, not enough advertising agencies invest a lot of time into really immersing themselves in their customers. Here is some advice for how exactly to do that:

Walk a Mile
Asked to name their number-one challenge, 15% of digital marketers said ?meeting the expectations of the always-connected customer.” Well, time to figure out what those expectations are. This might include sending out customer surveys or tailing a customer. Make it open ended : customers will love being engaged in any effort to advertise or brand. It makes them feel special.

Conduct User Trials
Assemble some customers that are representative of your typical customer base, and conduct some tests! This will give you signifigantly more direction when it comes to formulating your future plan.

Have a plan
50% of companies are using digital marketing, but they don’t have a plan, and herein lies the problem. It is important to formulate a plan, whether that means a list of release dates or a long term idea for your brand.

Advertising agencies must keep the new and the modern in mind when they plan for a new campaign. Every creative agency is different, but they all must keep in mind their clientele. Marketers in the U.S. will spend nearly $24 billion on online display advertising this year — better make it worth it.