How to ensure anonymous browsing

Corporate privacy

In 2000, there were only about 361 million internet users. Today, that number is only two thirds of those who use Facebook. In fact, in the United States alone, there are now about 240 million internet users. This shows the staggering number of people who are using internet today. For many companies and other entities, this number is a pool of unlimited source of data. This also shows that companies who are using the internet or that are online are vulnerable to data scraping or being tracked by other companies or competitors.

According to Wikipedia data scraping is when a computer program gets data from another program with human readable output. One reason for data scraping and tracking is for competitive analysis. The problem with these activities is that quite common. This is because tracking activities are not illegal. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission is the agency that monitors them. For any company or business it is necessary to use IP rotator to ensure anonymous browsing or anonymous surfing and to ensure corporate privacy. Many companies have already started using IP rotator to protect the business and at the same time to protect the employees or the users.

Aside from preventing other companies or entities from gaining competitive analysis, undertaking security measures, such as the use of IP rotator or anonymizer, will ensure that the reputation of the company only remains secure is part of brand protection. The IP rotator will hide IP of your company. When others know your IP, they can easily find anything about your company, such as its location, the sites that you visit, you affiliation and others. With all the information, they can easily sabotage your company. For example, they can prevent you from gaining access to certain sites.

It is therefore necessary for businesses, and even individuals, to use IP rotator or anonymizer. In finding a good IP rotator, there are several things that you have to consider. It is not enough to simply find a software and use that in your company. It is important that it has all the security features that you require. Basically, there are two options, the free and the paid rotator. Although the free rotators work in the same way or in the same principle, the paid ones offer more security features than the free to download IP rotators. For simple users or ordinary individuals who only want to surf or browse anonymously and do not spend hours and hours online, the free rotators will do. However, for heavy users and for businesses with several users, the minimum protection offered by the free rotators is not sufficient. In any case, using the paid ones is like an investment and should be a part of any data security and protection of any company, in the same way that anti virus protections are.