Important Tips for Effective Email Marketing

You might think that the rising use of mobile phones and text messaging would have made email obsolete. Paradoxically, smartphone use has increased the use of email from 60 billion per day in 2016 to over 306.4 BILLION emails in 2020.

You join the best bulk mail service you can find. You automate your email and use a broadcast email template so that you provide your prospective and current customers the most informative bulk email subscription service you can. Nevertheless, the majority of those emails never get opened and read. Instead, they go to spam folders or straight to the trash.

What can you do to turn those statistics around? Don’t just automate your email. Personalize! Ensure that every broadcast email template includes your client’s name. Confirm every bit of personal information such as full name and any nicknames or pseudonyms your client uses and use their name in the subject line and body of every email you send.

Make every email marketing campaign you implement count. Thank clients for past purchases and request product and service reviews. If you want to provide the best bulk mail service, suggest related goods and services in your next bulk email subscription campaign.

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Did you know that 60 billion emails are sent out each and every day — 97% of which are total spam? And not surprisingly, with spam often comes computer viruses and other problems. If you are trying to advertise your company with email but don?t know how to do it correctly, it?s very possible that your potential consumers are incorrectly assuming you are sending them spam.

Although many people predicted that the rise of the smart phone would predicate the death of email communication, it is, in fact, more popular than ever as a way to communicate with others. An estimated 66% of consumers check their email multiple times a day, in fact!

If you are trying to get your email through the matrix of spam and in front of a consumer?s eyes, what should you keep in mind?

Personalize Your Email

It may seem silly, but studies have shown that people are more likely to open email that?s addressed to them. Having a program that ?personalizes? the emails it is sending out can help ensure that these emails get clicked on rather than forwarded to the spam folder.

Give an Incentive to Opening: Computer Monitor Repair Tips

Even emails can have call-to-actions. You want people to actually open your email in most cases — so what sort of titles will make them click? Asking a question (?Have you seen this top selling item in our store??) can incentivize consumers to click in, rather than assume they know all the important details just from reading the title (?30% off sale?). “Computer monitor repair tips” can be an effective title because it implies there is more to the story — it also offers value to the reader.

KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid

This is a popular phrase in email marketing firms, and there?s a reason for it. Get your point across quickly and don?t belabor the message. Consumers don?t want to read entire paragraphs of text, in most cases, and requiring them to do so is unnecessary and in some ways indicates that you do not really respect their time. This doesn?t mean you need to be boring — just stick to the compelling, basic facts and use images to keep things interesting.

Treat it Like a Job

It can help to have a message manager in charge of sending your emails. Why? Many companies don?t prioritize email communication, which ultimately means it ends up becoming background noise. And when you?re not really concentrating on types of marketing campaigns, you?re not really going to excel at using their full potential either.

Whether you’re advertising a clothing sale or computer monitor repair tips, email marketing can work for you; just keep these tips in mind for better communication.