Make Your Cell Phone Cables Last Longer with These 3 Tips

Usb 2.0 cable

The smartphones we all love to use can last two years or more but it always seems the cables break long before that. It is possible keep your cell phone cables from snapping or becoming frayed by taking care with them. Here are some tips to keeping those cell phone charges around and working longer:

1. Be careful about how you wrap them.

One of the most common reasons cell phone cables break or become frayed is that they are not wrapped in a way that they are meant to be wrapped. Many people just wrap the cable up around their hand or something else and then throw the cable into a bag. This ends up causing a lot of kinks in the cable and these kinks can lead to breaks and fraying in the cable.

Over time, wrapping the cable this way will cause it to degrade from the inside. This reduced the integrity of the entire structure of the cable. When you first buy your cell phone cables, pay attention to the manner in which they are wrapped in their packaging. That is the way the manufacturer of the cable intends it to be wrapped and is the best way to prevent any breaks or fraying of the cable.

Experts recommend using the technique called “coil wrapping.” Basically, you loop the cell phone cable around several times to make a circle. This kind of wrapping prevents the kinks in the cable and does not have any sharp bends in the cable. Being careful when you wrap your cell phone cables will make them last a lot longer.

The sharp bends issue is important enough to repeat When you wrap the cable so that there are sharp bends in it, you may not see damage on the exterior but the wires inside the cable can break this way. In fact, this is really the most common way they do break so be careful about wrapping any kinds of cable so that there are no sharp bends in the coil. The area that is closes to either end is the most fragile so you need to take extra care with that portion of your cell phone cables and other cables and cords that you use for all of your electronic devices.

2. Start with stronger cables.

You can buy stronger, reinforced cell phone cables. These will not mean your cables will be cool being wrapped the wrong way but these cables are tougher and harder to break. They have a stronger, plastic wrap around the cable to protect the wires on the inside. They are also harder to wrap and protect themselves from the sharp corner problem mentioned above. They are also harder to get kinked up nor are they as easy to break open.

You have a lot of options for these cables so you can find one that matches your budget and style.

3. Do the reinforcing of your cables on your own.

There are ways you can make your cell phone cables stronger at home. Many people like to find things they can to themselves to protect their cell phone cables from breaking and becoming frayed. You can take the springs from inside pens and put that on the ends of your cell phone cables. This makes it nearly impossible for them to create the sharp bends when you wrap them. This is a good way to protect your cables.

Other people buy shrink tubing. This comes in a wide variety of colors and is not expensive. This gives people a way to protect their cell phone cables and personalize their phones at the same tie. The more of the shrink tubing or the pen springs that you use, the more protected your cables are but too much can create a very bulky situation.

Taking care with your cell phone cables is not just a cost saving measure, it can be a safety issue. Frayed cell phone cables can be dangerous and pose a fire risk. In fact all of your cables, from your USB cables to your network ethernet cables and HDMI highspeed cables, should be thrown away once they have become frayed and unusable.