My Computer Crashed Again

Virus to crash computer

Oh. My. Gawd. I need computer crash help.

I was almost done with my paper. Seriously, 10 more minutes and I would have been done with my paper. Then suddenly computer crash screen and a very scary noise and no more paper. Yes, I know I should have saved it. Yes, I have heard that a million times. But I was on a roll, man!

I should write a book about how to crash a computer. Only, I really do not know what I always do to crash my computer! It must be something I am doing. Why does my computer crash!?!? I need to start dating a computer guy. Then maybe he could explain to me what causes a computer to crash. And then he could be my live in computer crash helper. That sounds so nice, a live in computer crash helper.

So what kind of computer crash help is there out there that will not cost me an arm and a leg? There are services all right, but this here student slash waitress cannot afford it. I could find myself a computer science major on campus and hope he is good at his craft but he will probably want to make out with me or something for payment. I think it would be best if I did some learning so I can be my own computer crash helper.

Perhaps I can scope online for an instructional video for computer crash help. It suppose it could be that easy. Or I could take a class at school with some of my elective credits but I am not sure being my own computer crash helper is worth sitting through a ten week course I will be graded on and may or may not be able to computer crash help myself at the end of it. Ugh. I will start with Control, Alt, Delete like I always do.