Pay Per Click Marketing Platforms Let You See Results

Pay per click advertising company

Pay for what works.
Adapt and change what does not work.
You get to see the daily results.

People change their minds.
Every digital experience counts.
Results dictate future decisions.

Customers show you what they like.
Live verification of new products.
Investing marketing dollars where they count.
Clicking becomes a habit.
Kind of cool how this works.

Have you ever spent any significant time looking at the “History” pulldown menu on your laptop? It would be impossible to do on your phone, but it is pretty simple on a laptop. Take a look back, for example, of what sites you visited yesterday. Each line represents a click. A location that you visited. Sometimes those clicks were across a number of sites, sometimes your past clicks, in their long vertical listing format, require you to scroll the height of three laptop screens before you reach the bottom. Maybe you got stuck clicking on one dress after another on your favorite retail site. Maybe you got caught up in clicking through photos on your teenage daughter’s social media page. No matter where the list of clicks came from, they are a digital record of your internet wanderings.
Doesn’t it seem ingenious then that some very wise marketing folks have decided to capitalize on the clicking habits of the American consumer? We are a wondering society. In addition to the traveling that we do in our our cars and on planes and other modes of transportation, we also seem to travel around quite a bit on the internet. Someone has finally figured out how to charge advertisers for some of that clicking we do.
Managed pay per click advertising is one of the newest marketing and pricing trends in the digital world. Simply defined, PPC ads are a platform used to direct traffic to websites. Using the PPC campaign management structure, advertisers pay a website owner or its host only when an ad is clicked.
Pay for what works. Managed pay per click advertising allows advertisers to quit paying for things that don’t work. Instead they only pay for what gets results. The most current research indicates that this marketing strategy can yield a return of 300% or more.
Adapt and change what does not work. The internet crowd can be a fickle bunch. In fact, they give new meaning to the idea of following the crowd. Internet users love to see what is new and what is trending. Companies can use this information as a resource for finding out what strategies are not working and make adjustments. If a certain product is not getting clicks, make a change.
You get to see the daily results. According to Mashable, adults in America spend nearly 11 hours per day with digital media. Managed pay per click advertising allows you to see if any of those 11 hours are spent looking at your products and services.
People change their minds. More than ever before, what is popular today is old news tomorrow. A pay per click management agency can forecast where the next trend is going and get you there before your competitors.
Every digital experience counts. This becomes more and more apparent when you realize that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. You must be able to see that customers are coming to you from their search engine results or it is likely that your marketing money is being wasted.
Results dictate future decisions. Because managed pay per click advertising experts know that mobile device use will drive 50% of PPC use by the end of 2015, they also understand the need for platforms that instantly adjust to a variety of screen sizes.
Customers show you what they like. By paying attention to the number of clicks that different postings get, your marketing team can determine what strategies are working and what needs to change.
Live verification of new products. Immediate results and hourly or daily reports may be the greatest advantage of the managed pay per click advertising platform.
Investing marketing dollars where they count. Advertisers cannot continue to waste their money on strategies that are nonproductive.
Clicking becomes a habit. It’s getting to you isn’t it? All of this talk about clicking has you itching to jump to another place, doesn’t it?
Kind of cool how this works. Too late. They’ve gone to another site!