Printing Companies Provide a Wide Variety of Services

Printed, rolled, and wrapped newspapers lead a lonely life in today’s world.
You are the one house on the street, however, that will, as long as it is available, where carriers will toss the daily newspaper. On Sunday, you not only receive the local daily paper, but also the New York Times. Perhaps it is the fact that you were a college journalism major or maybe that you have always believed in the power of the press, but you know that even if you are the only reason that the local delivery service is driving down the street you will still be getting the paper.

Printing companies, especially those who are busy working on publishing daily papers, continue to transition to adjust to the needs of consumers. With the use of the offset printing process, many printing services have still found a way to be viable, and in some cases, profitable.

Offset Printing Technology Continues to Play an Important Role in Many In dustries

Whether you are a fan of real newspaper or you only read your current events online, you likely interact with offset printing processes in another way. In fact, there are many times when using a local offset printer has benefits over internet printing services. Consider some of these statistics about the printing industry and how it continues to impact the nation’s economy, even during this digital age:

  • People are generally more engaged with printed material over digital, because digital media is often skimmed in a mere 15 seconds.
  • 81% of trade show display attendees have buying authority, which means more than four out of five people walking the aisles are potential customers for exhibitors.
  • 35% of customers find out about local businesses from seeing its sign while passing.
  • Customers who live within a five mile radius of a business will see that business’s sign 50 to 60 times a month.
  • Research indicates that 85% of your customers work or live within a five-mile radius of your business, so it is important to try to reach them with onsite signs, as well as printed flyers..
  • 70% of consumers would be extremely likely to reference a print directory in an emergency, according to an August 2013 survey.

From trade show promotions to morning newspapers, there are a variety of ways that a local printer can help you achieve your goals.