Proper iPhone Security Is Essential

Ipad security

Increasingly, smartphones are being used for business purposes. Did you know that by 2015 over half (approximately 55 percent ) of smartphones used in business will be employee owned? Many companies rely on the BYOD, or bring your own device approach, to employee technology, such as tablets and smartphones. In fact, employees largely prefer this approach: 66 percent of employees want their IT department to let them choose their own device. Today, approximately one quarter of companies allow BYOD but do not have any kind of management system in place.

However, many companies do not have proper apple mobile device management policies in place, such iPad management and iPad security or iphone management and iPhone security. A third of employees who use a personal mobile device for work say that their company’s data is not encrypted or secure. Mobile device management, including iphone security, is necessary to ensure that sensitive corporate information remains secure on your employees’ phones. For example, in the event that an employee’s phone was stolen and the phone contained sensitive or confidential company data or information, anyone could gain access to that information, and the results could be catastrophic. iPhone device management systems allow a phone to be wiped remotely in the case that it is lost or stolen, therefore protecting the company. This kind of iPhone security model is essential to prevent breaches of privacy and security. Overall, a proactive BYOD iPhone security policy requires users to lock and password protect their mobile devices, as well as enables remote locking and wiping of secure company data in the event that the mobile device is lost.