Protect Your Family and Home Learn More About Home Invasions and How to Deter Burglars

Video surveillance systems

Home intrusions and burglaries occur every day throughout the United States. While some of these may not be reported to law enforcement, others are. On an annual basis, this amounts to over 2.5 million home intrusions and burglaries. Due to these types of crimes, property is damaged as well as stolen. In 2013 alone, estimated losses amounted to $16.6 billion for the property crimes that were reported.

When law enforcement doesn’t have sufficient physical evidence or a lack of witnesses, it is challenging to solve these types of cases. As a result, police are usually only able to solve about 13% of the burglaries that are reported. In order to protect your home and family, having a home security system installation can make a difference in whether or not your home is targeted.

How Burglars Enter Homes

Burglars can enter a home in a variety of ways. Most burglaries, however, or approximately 61% of them, occur due to forced entry. While 34% will enter through the front door, about 30% will enter through an unlocked door or window. Some people may hide a set of spare keys on their premises. If a burglar is watching the house and observes where these keys are hidden, this provides them with an opportunity to enter a home as well.

Deter Home Invaders and Burglars With Home Security Systems

When homes don’t have a security or an alarm system, they are more likely to be broken into. Recent data shows that homes without these systems are actually up to 300% more likely to be the target of a home invasion and burglary.

The presence of home security systems can make a difference in whether or not a burglar chooses to enter a specific house. When interviewed, nine out of ten burglars stated that they avoided homes with alarm systems. When they did encounter one of these types of systems, they wouldn’t attack or otherwise attempt to enter the home.

Learn More About a Security System for Your Home

When surveyed, 85% of police officials stated that home monitoring systems do help to deter a burglary from occurring. Given this, it makes sense to contact a home security system company to learn more about having a security system installation. When you discuss your options with a security company, they will be able to recommend the best type of system for your home.

In addition to basic alarm systems, you may also want to have video surveillance systems. In the even that your home is broken into, these systems can provide law enforcement with valuable evidence to assist with apprehending the burglars.

You may also be interested to know that some insurance providers may offer you a discount when you install home security systems. In some instances, this may be up to 20% discount, which can assist you with lowering your home owner’s insurance payment.