Protect Your Online Presence and You Protect Your Entire Company

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If you have any kind of business in our modern day world, you already know that having an online presence is no longer just a nice thing to have. Having an online presence is vitally important. But simply having an online presence is not enough. You must have that presence and be able to protect it and allow it to work for you.

Nearly one out of every five small business will be hacked within the first 12 months of their existence. Without the proper IT consulting, you could lose everything and not even know it. Online criminals can encrypt your companies files, making them unstable, and then demand a ransom in order for them to unlock them and give them back to you. During the time it takes to sort all of this out, you could be losing thousands of sales resulting in thousands of dollars being lost as well.

In 2016, IT support and IT services reported that they felt more pressure to secure their organizations than they did the year prior. The cold, hard truth of the matter is the fact that 71% of cyber attacks occur at businesses with 100 or fewer employees. This means that cyber criminals are targeting companies that they believe will have little or no way to protect themselves.

Network monitoring is an integral part of network security and if you do not have an IT consulting person on your payroll, now would be the time to start looking for one. But, IT consulting is not only for cyber security matters. Making sure that you have the right kind of website and web pages for your particular business is something you might not know how to do. Why take chances with a part of your business that isn’t your expertise. When you find IT consulting that can take the worry away from technology, then you can concentrate on doing what you do best. Doing what you went into business to do in the first place.

For example, Your website design needs to function a certain way in order for you to attract the kind of traffic that is ideal for you. If you want your company to look credible, your website is where you want to start. Almost half of all people who were polled said that a quality website design is what makes a company credible to them. When you have professionals on board to handle that, you can leave the details to them while you do your thing.

Also, do you know where the cloud is or how it actually works? Many people don’t, even though they store a great deal of information there. Nearly 50% of enterprises have lost data in the cloud and had no idea how to find it. When you have IT consulting, you will have experts who can help you restore what you have lost from the backups they keep.

It is no secret that it is much easier to get a business started in today’s world than it ever has been. The problem is that it is harder today than ever to keep your business afloat. Forget all of the conventional troubles with small businesses trying to succeed. Add to them all of the cyber problems that the vast majority of small business owners do not know how to combat.

With IT consulting, you can be sure that you will have a team on your side to protect you from the problems that you are facing form the Internet. It is a dog eat dog world out there and you will need all the help you can get.