The Importance of Cyber Security And How to Identify Hackers

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Whether you’re just emailing funny cat videos to your family or are dealing with highly valuable sensitive information for your job, cyber security protection is extremely important. If you work with technology in 2016 ? so, everyone ? you should be working with network consulting services that can help protect your most valuable information.

Cyber issues happen far too often nowadays. Although cloud computing services and security technology have significantly grown over the last few years, unfortunately, hackers have also improved their technology, strategy, and range of criminal activity.

Network consulting services are essential for working professionals who deal with important and sensitive digital information. These networking consulting services not only provide data backup and recovery, but they also provide peace of mind for both the employee and the employer. Some information, no matter how personal, sensitive, or important, should just never be seen by outside hackers. Having IT network consultants secure these digital files for your authorized eyes only can be essential for a successful online business.

“You should make the assumption that anything that’s Internet accessible is hackable,” said Kenneth White, a security researcher and director of the Open Crypto Audit Project, a nonprofit that promotes cyber security. “You need to take this seriously, but not be afraid of it either.”

Even if you are just shopping around on your personal computer at home, if you are not careful, your entire system could be hacked. If your personal computer gets hacked, that provides much easier access for these hackers to access some of your work files or other sensitive and important information before you even realize you’ve been hacked.

Aside from working with experienced IT network consulting services, the two most important things you can to do prevent yourself from being hacked are regularly change your passwords and make sure your router is secure.

The Wall Street Journal reports that hackers often enter in default passwords to popular devices thousands of times over and eventually it works out for them. You should use secure passwords; change them every few weeks, use different passwords for different devices and accounts, and use long form passwords rather than generic one word passwords.

Making sure you update and secure your router is essential for protection as well. Even if it’s just your home’s Wi-Fi, make sure it’s secure and keep an eye out for suspicious online activity on your network.