The Importance Of Proper Supplies For Your Data Center

Cold aisle containment

Though we might not often think about it, the correct data center supplies are an important component in properly storing information and important data. Data center supplies can range from a server cabinet to a hot aisle containment system, and there are different types of data racks best suited for different locations and storage set ups. Data center supplies can help to reduce energy as well as prevent equipment malfunction, and are a crucial part of any data center.
For instance, it’s highly important to keep a data center at the correct temperature. Too hot, and equipment might malfunction and, unfortunately, data could be lost. But many data centers spend far too much money to keep server rooms air conditioned. In fact, it’s not good for the environment either, with up to over 200 tonnes of greenhouse gas emitted per server room operating at only 70% capacity. Fortunately however, data center supplies like a hot or cold aisle containment system can help to help a server room function more efficiently and safely at the fraction of a cost. Actually, more than 75% of all data centers are considering the installation of a hot or cold aisle containment system in hopes that it will help to maintain servers at the correct temperature and therefore cut down on total energy use. Aside from the implementation of a thermal containment system, increasing the efficiency of the air conditioning unit in use can also have considerable positive effects on energy costs, reducing them by as much as 35%.
Thermal containment systems can also help to prevent equipment failure. The implementation of such data center supplies can prevent servers from overheating and data was being damaged or lost. In fact, the vast majority – over 65% – of all IT equipment failures was found to be linked directly to air conditioning in a server room that was inadequate, poorly maintained, or otherwise malfunctioning. If an air conditioning unit is less necessary (or at least less vital) due to a hot or cold containment system, then there is a considerably lowered possibility of equipment failure.
No matter what the configuration of your data center, it’s important to have all of the right data center supplies. The right data center supplies like types of server racks can help to reduce your data center’s energy usage as well as prevent potentially catastrophic equipment malfunction.