Three Benefits of Using Recruiting Services to Fill Open Positions

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They say a company’s greatest assets are the employees that run it. The problem is finding the right talent for your company. Some businesses get lucky enough to find that talent on their own… just like some people get lucky enough to win the lottery or have a naturally high metabolism. Other businesses don’t leave finding the right talent to chance. Those businesses use recruiting services to ensure that they identify the right talent to run their company.

Have you ever considered using recruiting services to find the right employees to be your greatest asset? Whether the employees you need involve weeding through hundreds of resumes (such as software developers or sales managers) or a very specific skill set that are hard to come by (let’s say thermoplastics jobs or Lean Six Sigma Black Belts), using a recruiting services to find the right man (or woman) for the job is the way to go.

Don’t believe us? Let’s think about it:

  1. The right person for the job most likely isn’t looking for a new job.

    In some cases, you’ll post your job opening through the traditional channels (your website, job opening websites, maybe Craigslist) and the right person will just happen to be in the market for a new job and come to you. It’s possible. More likely though, the best person for the job isn’t looking for a new job because they’re thriving in their current line of work.

    When you use professional recruiting services, rather than just leaving it to chance that your company’s greatest asset will seek you out, you’re using a professional who has made it their life’s work to sniff out the right talent for any position. Recruiting professionals make contacts with talented employees across all industries. They’ll get a good handle on your staffing needs and then pull out the ol’ Rolodex to make sure the right person for the job knows that you’re looking for a person just like them. In some cases, they use their power of persuasion to convince a person who might not realize that they’re a match made in heaven for your business. When you use a recruiting service, you aren’t relying on fate to find your perfect employee, you’re taking it into your own hands.

  2. Avoid the risk of making the wrong choice.

    If we go back to the “Employees are a company’s greatest asset” analogy, without a doubt, a company’s greatest vulnerability is the actual hands that run the business. This is particularly true on the executive level. When you need to fill an important position, trying to do the guesswork to identify the right man can be an enormous risk. If you hire the wrong guy, it could cost you so much money in the long run… or worse.

    While you might be a genius at the industry that your business is in, you aren’t a recruiting professional. It’s not your entire purpose in life to understand the requirements for a job opening, connect it with a resume full of words that matches those requirements the best, and read a person in interviews to identify the right person for your important position. It’s not your life’s calling to be able to identify that “it factor” that makes a person perfect for a particular job. You might know all there is to know about your line of work, but that doesn’t necessarily prepare you for knowing how to hire the right person and reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person. That’s what a recruiting professional does for you.

  3. Smoother transitions.

    There’s a reason the first thing every new President of the United States does is tell the country his plan for the first 100 days in office. That transitional period is critical for the success of the entire presidency. Likewise, on-boarding a new employee can be a confusing and difficult time, and it can sour the entire trajectory that the employee has with your company. When you use a professional recruiter, they don’t just get the right employee to your company, they stay with you through the on-boarding period and ensure that all goes smoothly, to give your company the greatest chances of success possible.

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