What Are Some of the Common Types of NEMA Power Cords?

If you’re interested in learning more about the different IEC and NEMA power cords and connectors, you’ve come to the right place. You may think of power connectors and cords as having one main look, but in reality, there are a range of different connectors and cords for more specialized or higher voltage equipment.

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To learn about what a NEMA connector is and when it’s used as well as what an IEC connector is and what they’re used for, this video lays it all out.

Different types of power connectors can handle different levels of electricity and have different advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the basics of what different IEC and NEMA connectors are can help you if you’re trying to figure out what your device may need if you’ve lost your power cable.

If you’re unsure what power cable is the right one for your equipment, this video can give you a good starting point. Make sure that you’re taking into account how many prongs your connector has, and for IEC connectors make sure to look for whether or not the connector is polarized. This is characterized by one side of the connector being squared instead of rounded.