What Cat5e Cables are Used For

100 ft hdmi cable

When it comes to Cat5e cables bulk buys, it’s helpful to understand that these cables are typically only used for networks and multi line phone systems. The maximum frequency it can have is 100 MHz and transmits up to 10/100/1000Mbps. Cat6 Ethernet cables are the newer version of the Cat5e cables bulk and can transmit the same Mbps but have a maximum frequency of 250 MHz.

Multi Line Systems
Multi line phones have different ways that they can function, it just depends on what options are available.

Basic-If you are getting a basic system, then every line would have a separate phone number. Each phone number is published and treated like it is it’s own line. When one particular line gets a call, only that line will ring and a light will sometimes blink. If the line is in use, the person calling will hear the busy tone and it will go to voicemail.

Rollover-If you purchase the rollover system, then only one number is assigned and the calls coming in go to the lines in descending order. If you have four lines connected to your system and get three calls incoming at the same time, each call will ring on a separate line; one call on line one, another on line two and the last call on line three. If all the lines are taken up, voicemail can still be utilized.

Now, the Cat5e cables bulk or even the Cat6e cables bulk are what you want to buy in order to connect the lines to one another. This is the only way that the system will function properly. Never try to connect something like this yourself, especially if it is in your place of work, as multi lines usually are. It can be hazardous trying to mess with so many Cat5e cables bulk in the first place but if one is even slightly frayed or connected incorrectly it can cause the whole system not to function, or even worse, it can be a fire hazard to the whole building. Better safe than sorry and have a professional come in and set it up for you.

The other thing that Cat5 or 6e cables are used for is networking. The dictionary describes a network as “an arrangement of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines” and this is perfect. Networks can be numerous computers or devices all hooked up together. If you are not doing this through Wi-Fi but prefer to connect through the cords, that is when you would use these kinds of Ethernet cables. Networking your computers together allows them to communicate effectively. This is typically done in an office setting as well but there are times when you can do this at home if you have enough devices to need a network connection. Network computers can exchange data and information over the network and using network Ethernet cables can make it more secure than using the Wi-Fi which can easily be hacked into.

Ethernet cables are specifically used for a LAN network where each device is manually connected by the cables. All information and data is transmitted through those cables. Again, this is not something that you would typically want to set up yourself even if it is in your home unless you know what you are doing. Cross wires and disconnected cables and cause disruptions in the network and cause it not to function properly just like with the multi line telephone system. It also can become a fire hazard and put everyone around in danger if one of the cables is damaged and you have not recognized it and still continue trying to use it.

Keeping safe should be the number one priority when setting up a multi line phone system or a network of computers and devices. Unless you are a computer engineer by trade, it’s probably not a good idea to attempt these connections yourself. It’s better to call in a professional who can get it done right the first time rather than trying it yourself, messing it up and having to call a professional to come and fix your mess. It’ll save you time and money to let the experts do their job.