What is Phase I Environmental Nevada

Phase 1 environmental nevada

Las Vegas environmental site assessment is conducted on a particular property to demonstrate that proper care was performed to find if there are environmental dangers in that particular property. There are two phases, the Phase 1 Environmental Las Vegas or phase 1 ESA Las Vegas and Phase 2 Environmental Las Vegas or Phase 2 ESA Las Vegas. Phase 1 Environmental Nevada and Phase 2 Environmental Nevada assessment are conducted so that developers and other parties would not invest or develop properties that are harmful or contaminated. The Phase 1 esa nevada and Phase 2 ESA Nevada are also useful defense in case of litigation.

Phase 1 Environmental Nevada and Phase 2 Environmental Nevada are generally requested by buyers of real estate properties. But before the buyers request for Phase 1 Environmental Nevada and Phase 2 and before the property is developed, the reports are first requested by the investors, financial institutions as well as the developers. The Phase 1 environmental nevada report is first requested so that they would know if the property has possible environmental problems or is contaminated. The report also includes any possible environmental problems near the property that may pose future impairment. Phase 2 is performed when requested. This is usually done when the property is determined contaminated during the first phase assessment.

Generally, there are no specific federal regulations as to how the assessment must be conducted and what are included in it. However, the industry standard is the one from the American Society for Testing Materials International. Different states have different laws in disclosure but basically if a real estate agent fails to disclose the contamination, he is considered liable. Find more: gesnevada.com