What You Need to Know About Haas Coolant

The video talks about Haas coolant systems and how upgrading filters can make them run more efficiently. Many changes have been made over the years to keep the coolant clean. However, there are still some additional changes a user can make to keep the system working well.
The speaker talks about how most coolant systems have a pump for regular coolant. However, they do not always have all the same components.

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Older models may not have the gray canister coolant filtration system, for example. They are crucial to getting all of the contaminants out of the coolant before it goes for further processing.

People who own these systems and work in machine shops can create a powder-coated plate to hold an existing Haas filter along with a new filter if the user chooses to place one there. The existing blue houses can be used for the new system because the bar fittings come off pretty easily. A heat gun will loosen them enough to remove them. A hairdryer is another option if a heat gun is unavailable at the moment.

Another point in the video is that Teflon tape should be used to seal things. Upgrades to the fittings can be done very quickly.