Why Bars Should Use Handheld ID Scanners

Bars that are 21 and over generally require an ID check at the door. On busy nights this means that there a lot of IDs that will need to examined. There is often a line out the door on evenings that have events going on such as live music. Something that can help to make this process easier is handheld ID scanners for bars.

These ID readers are quick and easy to use and can change the way bars function. There are plenty of benefits to using them that make them a great choice for any bar the requires ID checks to get in.

Save on Time

Handheld ID scanners for bars can cut down the wait time for customers greatly. Bars are usually a bit dark and trying to visually scan every ID that comes through the door can be challenging and time consuming. With these identity scanners it’s as simple as one quick scan that lets bouncers know if an ID is underage or expired. While it’s still wise for bouncers to check the photos on an ID and make sure it’s not fake, they can get lines moving faster when they don’t have to seek out birth dates on every card.

Less Mistakes

Another great benefit is that these scanners can cut back on mistakes. The human mind makes errors all the time, and it’s possible to misread an ID or do improper math. With ID scanners, human error is removed and the process of verifying a customer’s age is made easy. This can save bars from accidentally serving minors and losing their liquor license.

Less Stress

Bouncers have busy jobs. While it is their job to check IDs, they also have to keep an eye on a great number of intoxicated bar goers and make sure that order is maintained. It can be a stressful job, so the less time and effort they have to put into checking IDs, the better.

Upgrading to handheld ID scanners for your bar is a wise business decision. It makes everything easier for customers and workers alike and helps to protect your business.