Why Does Your Computer Crash All the Time? You Probably Did Something Wrong

Computer crash

Computers, like any technology, are subject to failure. Unfortunately, unlike a blender breaking down, a computer failure can be much more frustrating and much more costly. One of the sure signs that your computer is in trouble is witnessing a crash screen.

A computer crash blank screen is not quite as common as the blue screen computer crash. So what causes a computer to crash? If you are experiencing a computer crash screen, whether it is blank, blue, or psychedelic, you could be encountering one of these four common causes.

1. Heat

If your computer fan is broken, if there is a buildup of dust, or if the cooling system has malfunctioned, then your computer could reach temperature levels that could shut it down or do damage to your system. A computer overheating can be compounded by running multiple programs demanding of computer resources. Approximately 60 degrees Celsius is approaching the maximum temperature for most CPUs.

2. Malware

Sometimes it takes a virus to crash computers, sometimes it takes nothing more sinister than some particularly annoying piece of adware, or spyware. In the first quarter of 2013, 6.5 million malware codes were created! Unfortunately, about 66 percent of computers are never updated. Prevention is the best cure in the case of malware induced crashing, so install programs that scan for malware and destroy it.

3. Hardware

Hardware failure can sometimes be the trigger for a crash. Failure in the power supply, bad RAM, or some other issue. Because this kind of crash usually results in the computer shutting down, or restarting without warning, it can be hard to pinpoint the issue unless you are comfortable with opening up your computer and examining the inner workings. If you suspect a hardware failure, seek out a professional.

4. Software

A program crashing is not the same as your computer crashing. Your software could be corrupted, or it could simply have done something that the operating system did not allow. When a program is crashing, but you have not experienced a computer crash blank screen, then it is best to look for information on that particular program.

If you witness a computer crash blank screen, or even a program crash, then it is important to take notes. What were you doing in the video game, the software program, or on the computer when the crash occurred? It is helpful to record this error verbatim so that when you look online or speak to an expert you can tell them exactly what the computer reported as problematic.

Also, from experience, the best solutions for a crashing computer are usually found online. If you are uncomfortable with computer lingo, or if the computer to you is really just a magical box that holds the internet, then it is best to seek out a professional computer repair company. It can be exceedingly frustrating to try and cope with technology when it does not work the way it is supposed to, so it is important to remember that help is out there if you need it.