Why Mobile Security is Important

Blackberry mobile device management

The BlackBerry phone is commonly found among corporate office employees, however, one third of customers who claim to use a personal mobile device for work purposes have stated the data for their company is not secure. This means, without something such as BES policy, outside sources can steal files or install malicious software through phones or other personal devices.

BES policy requires users to have passwords on their devices, or to change their passwords and other settings, such as the ability to install games or other apps. This is especially important for BlackBerry users, as a study has shown that around 91 percent of BlackBerry users access organizational tools on a daily basis, as opposed to 65 percent of other smart phone users. One common feature many users boast about is the, physical QWERTY keyboard, which allows for easier typing on the phone.

With increased use in BlackBerry phones for businesses, blackberry mobile device management is a must. This past January, the BlackBerry 10 was set to release which will run on QNX. This program considered more secure than OSs, which is ideal for BYOD, or bring your own device, a habit practice by many large companies.

Unfortunately, while a fourth of companies allow BYOD, they do not supply quality security. This is where the Bes security policy comes in. BES policy will require strong security for all mobile devices. This will ensure the companies and their employees are protected from malicious software and hackers. More.