Why the Android Security Model Works So Well

Android in the enterprise

Software for mobile devices like those employed by the Android security model are helpful in gaining insight into your employees’ mobile devices, allowing you to update all devices automatically and letting you set restrictions. You likely have a good number of employees who bring their own devices to work and who use them for work purposes, since 57 percent of tablet users use their tables for work and personal use and because 70 percent of users of smart phones will check work email both during and after normal work hours. With a strong open source operating system like the Android security model within your enterprise, you can further protect your employees’ phones too.

Why is an Android device management the ideal solution? Think of how many employees you currently have, and then think of what kinds of devices they are using. Aside from iPhones, they most likely are using an Android device. And luckily, through a strong Android management system offered through a cloud based network, you could have an even stronger and more secure approach to handling your employees using their own phones for work.

Encouraging your employees to use their own devices is good for everyone. With Android in the enterprise of your company and with employees using their own devices, there could quite possibly be higher levels of productivity, less paperwork, fewer errors in billing and keeping records, increased visibility, and a more streamlined flow of work. So follow the Android security model and get covered.