Why Your Company Page Needs a Chatbot

Deciding on whether or not to add a chatbot for your site can be challenging. You want to give your customers quick and dependable responses, but you also want to remain personable and authentic. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between either when it comes to the many options chatbots have available now.

Many large companies have found success in implementing a chatbot to their social media pages. It keeps customers on the pages longer and will help with customer satisfaction by providing quick and easy results. It saves them from waiting on the phone for hours and potentially not having their question answered by a customer service agent. One of the ways that you can still remain authentic while using a chatbot is to either let your customer know up front that they are interacting with one and give them the option to wait to talk to a real person or just have your social media team always sign off with their names so that there can be a visible difference.

A chatbot will run 24 hours a day so that you never have to come into work to see an email from a frustrated customer who can’t get her purchase to go through at three in the morning. A chatbot will be there to save the day no matter what time of day it is.

If you’re worried about chatbots taking over your marketing team, rest easy. Think of chatbots like the cisco chatbot you use with your company. These chatbots have not replaced email, but have made it more effective to get a point across or ask for help directly since it acts more like texting and is more likely to be responded to quicker compared to regular office email. A cisco webex meeting has not replaced regular meetings but helped make them stronger by including people who might not be in town or those who work from home. Chatbots fill in the small gaps that are left in a marketing department and free up your hard-working marketing team from busywork so that they can do what they do best.

A chatbot will benefit both your company and your customer’s experience. There are many chatbot platforms that will help cater to exactly what you need for your business whether it’s answering generic questions or providing a fun interaction with your site.