Your Guide to IT Management Services

Don’t wait until your office computers break down or your network goes on the fritz to contact a managed services IT provider. Instead, contract with a managed services IT provider for maintenance, so your repairs become part of your existing contract, as this video suggests.

Most IT maintenance contracts include a specific schedule for the care of every computer or peripheral the company owns. It also includes checkups for the network machines or virtual servers. Most of these maintenance contracts also include a discount on any necessary repairs or replacement parts.

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By using a managed IT service, the technicians map your networks when you contract with them. That saves them time if something breaks because they already know and understand how the entire network interconnects. Knowing your systems can result in much speedier repairs to your computer network.

Explore your options before signing a contract. While a local company often provides speedier service, consider other criteria, too. When shopping for an IT-managed service provider, look for the following traits:

  • Experienced in your company’s industry
  • Multiple years of managed service IT experience
  • Relevant technical certifications
  • References you can contact
  • Adaptable, flexible contracts.

When you choose an IT management services company, ask for a copy of their standard contract and what each plan level includes. Your company’s needs may require a mid-level plan, so don’t automatically choose the entry-level option.