Understanding and Preventing Guest No-Shows

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There is perhaps nothing more peevish for hoteliers than guests that never show up to claim their reserved rooms. Not only can a no-show feel disrespectful, but they also hurt your bottom line. At best, the would-be guest is charged for the room for one night and the hotel eats the cost for the remainder of the reserved time. At worst, the guest disputes the charge. If this sounds like your hotel, you're not alone. A recent study on hotel trends conducted by Visa found that no-shows cost the hospitality industry up to $100 million per year. It can be tempting to say that no-shows are just forgetful and idiotic (and, in some cases, that is no doubt true) but the same Visa study found that no-shows result from a…
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Hotel Property Management Software Packages Provide a Long List of Benefits

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The local mail carrier had good intentions. When she met you at the mailbox, however, she handed you a stack of envelope and letters that were not yours. In hind sight, you wish you had not said anything, but the second that she gave you the neighbor's mail, you explained the stack belonged to someone else. She tried to cover her tracks by handing you another set of items. These too were wrong. On the third try, however, she was able to hand deliver the right set of bills and correspondence that belonged to you. Even though the mail carrier had good intentions, she was simply too busy to know that she was connecting the right face with the right postal customer. Mail carriers, however, are not the only ones…
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