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Choosing Between the Two Main Types of Stainless Steel Mesh Fabrics

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Stainless steel mesh fabric is a sustainable construction material used in a range of industrial, commercial and residential applications for architectural or decorative mesh screen applications. Why it's sustainable is because of the stainless steel composition in metal fabrics contains greater than 60% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled material. This metal fabric is resistant to corrosion and offers superior strength than other types of mesh fabrics such as aluminum, copper and bronze wire mesh. Common Industrial and Commercial Applications of Stainless Steel Mesh Fabrics This material is made from fiberglass yarns woven together with stainless steel wires to offer superior and puncture strength essential for high temperature, pressure, and vibration environments. It also performs better in both alkali and acid environments such as scientific and laboratory use. In addition to its…
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Modern Uses For Scanner Technology

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Many financial transactions and personal verification efforts are made possible with today's scanners, from identification scanners (such as handheld ID card scanners) to ballot scanners and barcode readers. With all of these scanners, information can be quickly and accurately transmitted just about anywhere, which is useful for site security law enforcement, voting, and of course, making purchases. These identification scanners can be found at police stations, work sites, retailers, and more, and often, fake IDs are spotted right away because the tech has become so advanced. What else is there to know about these identification scanners and other scan devices? ID Readers It is vital to verify a person's identity, and all sorts of information about them, in many different contexts. For example, police officers and state troopers can use…
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6 Benefits of Installing Cold Aisle Containment System

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Just like any other business, a data center strives to minimize the input costs while maximizing on the output. The significant input expenses that data centers incur are high bills spent in controlling temperatures. The data center products emit a lot of heat during operations. This heat can cause significant damage to the data center supplies. However, data centers no longer have to worry about this challenge because of the cold aisle containment system that can significantly tackle this challenge. Here are some of the benefits of using a cold aisle containment system and why most data centers are using them. Bust first, what is a cold aisle containment system? This data center containment involves cold aisles that are enclosed within the data centers. Each of these cold aisles delivers…
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The Right Computer Cables for the Job

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It is fair to say that we now live in a wired world, where advanced electronic devices are used more than ever for communication, entertainment, and work alike. Some devices, such as laptops and smartphones, are designed to send and receive wireless signals, making them very convenient on the go. Still, various cable types such as coaxial cables, crossover cables, bulk USB cables, and more are far from obsolete. In fact, in many applications, these coaxial cables or USB cables may prove more effective and practical than a wireless signal. And installing bulk fiber optic cables can totally transform how a building uses the Internet. So, what is there to know about installing proper cables such as coaxial cables or a 100 ft HDMI cable? Such hardware can be found…
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Vital Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cold Chain Logistics Service

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Biological samples are usually extra sensitive to environmental changes. For instance, a slight change in room temperature will easily result in degradation, while a lower than optimal temperature will often cause integrity loss. Therefore, a biotech or biological pharmaceutical facility must equip itself with the latest in cold storage equipment to maintain the stability and viability of these samples. The other easier alternative is to employ cold chain logistics services. What to Look for in a Cold Chain Delivery Service Company The integrity of your vaccines and biology samples during transit relies on the cold-chain system you put in place. Therefore, if you don't have your system in place and instead rely on a cold chain delivery service, you must take the time to choose one. In that light, here’s…
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Choose the Right Fire Suppression Software for Your Office Fire Safety System

Choose the Right Fire Suppression Software for Your Office Fire Safety System

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If you run or manage a business, it is likely that you already understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining excellent standards of safety and security at the workplace. A working environment that encourages productivity and efficiency needs to be safe and secure in order to ensure that all your employees can feel safe and have peace of mind all the time. One of the most important things to do in this regard would be to ensure that you have the right fire safety measures installed in your office. Fire safety can easily be considered one of the most important things to have in the workplace and this is something that definitely needs to be done right. Fire hazards can be extremely serious in any working environment. Not only does…
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5 Types of Spectrometers Processes You Need to Know

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In the last few years, scientific methods have significantly improved due to development in technology. Every day, new methods are brought into place, which makes it easy for scientists to handle various projects with ease. This explains why scientists and laboratory experts are coming up with comprehensive analysis and findings of various experiments. One of the most advanced laboratory tools is a spectrometer. What Is A Spectrometer? A spectrometer is a scientific device that is used in measuring light wavelengths over a wide range of electromagnetic spectrum. In most cases, spectrometers are used in the analysis of sample material in the university or medical laboratory. Light from the source is transmitted through the sample under consideration and is either reflected, refracted, or absorbed. The experimental changes that will occur to…
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Behind What We Can Do To Boost Employee Retention Rates

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There are many reasons that employee retention rates have become problematic - and become problematic they have. With more than two and a half million people having left their jobs in the June of 2015 alone - and all on a voluntary basis, for that matter - it is clear to see that more and more people are looking for better work. This is particularly true among the younger generation of workers now in the workplace, with more than half of all Millennials willing to leave their current job at the drop of a hat, should they be offered a better one. But blaming the "job hopping generation" for job hopping is not particularly construction, as a number of underlying issues become more and more clear the more that we…
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