Three Ways Consumers Are Driving Changes in Hospitality

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Customer service has always been one of the most important keys to success in the hospitality industry. Providing great customer service can make or break the biggest chain or the smallest mom-and-pop affair. One of the challenges of providing excellent customer service, though, is keeping up with trends and changes driven by consumers. Read on for three key ways that current generations of customers are driving changes in customer service. Technology is making everything easier for everyone. The biggest challenge of technology for hospitality is simply embracing it. Customers already have! Guests are using it more and more from the initial research stage right through all aspects of their stay (more…)
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How Did Your Last Hotel Stay Go?

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Vacations are meant to be relaxing. They are supposed to be a time of enjoying days away from work and away from the responsibilities of the busy lives that we lead. When hotel problems occur, then, guests hope that solutions can be found as quickly as possible. From rooms that are not clean to air conditioners that are not working, hotel customers need to know that their concerns will be taken seriously and that they will be remedied in a timely and respectful manner. In an effort to reach this goal, a growing number of hotels find that the best way they can provide great customer service is to make sure that staff is well trained. And while part of this training happens on site with managers and staff members,…
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