How to Wire a Home Computer Network with Fiber Optic Cables

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Want to get a jump start on your connectivity in the new year? Consider wiring your home computer network with bulk zipcord fiber optic cables for faster, more reliable connections that will usher you into the modern world. If you want to send and receive data at the speed of light (literally!), here's a basic guide on how to wire your home network with fiber optics. Connect your network devices as normal. Your computer should connect to a wall outlet or power strip surge protector, and both hubs and router should connect to your computer. Use a fiber optic cable to connect the hub or router to a second computer that will be added into the network. Bulk zipcord fiber optic cable is ideal because you can cut to the…
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Make Your Cell Phone Cables Last Longer with These 3 Tips

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The smartphones we all love to use can last two years or more but it always seems the cables break long before that. It is possible keep your cell phone cables from snapping or becoming frayed by taking care with them. Here are some tips to keeping those cell phone charges around and working longer: 1. Be careful about how you wrap them. One of the most common reasons cell phone cables break or become frayed is that they are not wrapped in a way that they are meant to be wrapped. Many people just wrap the cable up around their hand or something else and then throw the cable into a bag. This ends up causing a lot of kinks in the cable and these kinks can lead to…
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