Installing Ethernet and Fiber Optic Cables

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Many say that today's world is a wired one, and there is plenty of reason to describe work and home life this way. Ever since the 1980s, computers have become even more powerful and useful, and they have become a staple for office work today. Computers make the rapid creation and sharing of files possible for office work, and many employees today work remotely or while traveling. Here too, computers are essential for work, and overall, IT professionals can be hired to install new computers or update software and network security. But computers are more than just a box. They, and other devices such as flat screen TVs and game consoles, need cables such as USB cables to connect and share data. Often, a setup such as office work or…
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A Beginner’s Guide to Cell Phone Cables and Cell Phone Cable Accessories

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Every year, more and more models and varieties of cell phones become available, and depending on what model and brand you buy, you could be dealing with any number of different cell phone cable accessories. If you’re not an expert, figuring out the right configuration for these cables and your phone can be quite the hassle. Even worse, if you find yourself having to replace something, you might have no idea what you’re looking for! We’re here to help. With this quick and easy guide to several different possible cell phone cables and cell phone cable accessories, you’ll be able to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Keep in mind this guide is for those with little-to-no technological experience, so if you’re already aware of these terms, you’re doing great!…
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