Website Traffic Ways to Increase It

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Traffic. There are many ways to view it. There is traffic on the roads, which is unwelcome traffic. It means more delays, more trouble getting to a location, less ability to navigate the road. Then there is web traffic, which has a very different connotation. Yes, it involves a lot of people heading to a destination. But there's little clogging. And it is attractive for the person who owns the destination. Web traffic is measured at least in part by a single term: the click. A click means that someone, either an actual person or a spider crawler, has entered the website. That click means hits and is often a result of certain marketing tactics or social media exposure. That click signifies popularity. It means an organization is doing well.…
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Protect Your Online Presence and You Protect Your Entire Company

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If you have any kind of business in our modern day world, you already know that having an online presence is no longer just a nice thing to have. Having an online presence is vitally important. But simply having an online presence is not enough. You must have that presence and be able to protect it and allow it to work for you. Nearly one out of every five small business will be hacked within the first 12 months of their existence. Without the proper IT consulting, you could lose everything and not even know it. Online criminals can encrypt your companies files, making them unstable, and then demand a ransom in order for them to unlock them and give them back to you. During the time it takes to…
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